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The fourth story from
Willy, the green dragon....

Willy takes time out to reflect on something that’s bothering him. His alone time takes him on an adventure of discovery in Kam Shan Country Park, where he meets the most annoying characters. Or are they just misunderstood?

Pushed to the limits, Willy becomes frustrated and annoyed with the local wildlife.

Willy's adventure takes him into Kam Shan Country Park in Kowloon. He learns all about the construction of the Kowloon reservoir many years ago.

But how did all the monkeys end up in Kowloon? And why are they so angry?

The monkeys are reminded of their history and make sure that everyone else knows why they are so angry.

A story based on true events that highlight the possible dangers of the introduction of non-native species.  

Do you recognise the scenes in the new story?

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Book Reviews

Another wonderful book in The Green Dragon series, and the perfect story to tell all children who are growing up in Hong Kong, or those who are interested in the world around them. The Green Dragon and the Angry Monkeys tells the story about the monkeys in Hong Kong, and their relationship with humans and our ecosystem. We learn about the delicate balance of nature that is required, and why it is so important that we don't feed wild animals.

Dana Winograd, Director of Plastic Free Seas HK

I thought the characters were splendid. The story is 10/10 because I learnt facts about the environment. I would recommend to all my friends.

Charlie, Age 8

I really liked the book because it is based on a true story and in the story the pictures are very detailed and beautiful and pretty. I like the characters because they are very detailed and amazing. I found the story educational because the can show what people should do in the future. I would recommend the book to my friends because my friend and I love books so this would be something I want to share with people. I love these books. Suzanne Younan is the best Happy Valley writer in the world. I love these. I recommend these books to everyone.

Maya, Age 10.5

I really like the storyline and that it's suitable for most ages, I also love the characters. 

Maybe when he shoots fire there should be more fire in the pictures.

Tom, Age 10

I think the story is great. The characters are kind and sweet. I rate this 9/10. You learn so much. I will tell all my friends.

Poppy, Age 9

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