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This 200 piece children's puzzle is perfect for all ages. Designed in quadrants, so younger children can tackle it in their own time.

The jigsaw hopes to bring the characters of 'The Green Dragon' into an interactive play environment.  With the familiar characters, set in Hong Kong, children will be sure to enjoy.

This consciously designed puzzle can help children develop finger strength, perseverance and problem solving skills.  Assembling puzzle pieces also helps children develop hand/eye coordination.

Of course, we also hope that a conversation arises about the plight of our wonderful land and sea creatures in Hong Kong and the immense problem of the plastic pollution. Talk about what more you can do for the planet.

Made entirely (packaging and puzzle pieces) from FSC approved recycled paper products, printed with soy bean, non-toxic inks and housed in a paper bag..... of course! ♻️💚

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