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Suzanne Younan

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Suzanne Younan is the founder of Draco Viridi Ltd and the volunteer group ‘Green  Dragons HK’.

Suzanne has been living with her family in Hong Kong since 2014.  A true nature and animal lover Suzanne was compelled to involve others in her plight to raise awareness.


A keen dragon boater and beach goer, Suzanne engaged the dragon boat community to reduce single use plastics at training and events.  


During her volunteer work Suzanne decided to reach young minds with a story that might provoke a reaction in communities across Hong Kong and around the world.  


The Green Dragon books were written to touch the hearts of children and encourage them to take action, hopefully influencing their peers and family members along the way.

The goal is to touch a chord in the hearts of children to promote change. Suzanne hopes to reach children with the emotional stories and characters to raise awareness and prompt a lifelong change in behaviour.


Janaka Srimal

The Green dragon and the rumbly Island
The Green Dragon and the Angry Monkeys

Janaka was born in a rural area of Sri Lanka and loves to draw.  He is studying for a degree in visual communication design and also draws for children's story books.


Caroline Lewington

The Green Dragon
The Green dragon and the Oh No Bird


Caroline was born and brought up in Hong Kong by an environmentally conscious family. While she works in the video production industry, drawing has remained a passion since childhood.

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