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What is that strange noise?  What has happened to the visiting hikers and bikers?  There is trouble afoot…  Two friends hatch a cunning plan that unfortunately backfires on them.


Highlighting the dangers of feeding wild animals, this story brings some light-hearted humour to a serious topic, with some new and old friends joining Willy on his third adventure for a most unbelievable story that rocks a small community to the very core.

The story of the ‘Great smash and grab’ is a true story! 

Many people enjoy feeding wildlife as it allows them close contact with the animals or because they feel they are helping the animals survive.  Seeing wild animals up close can be fun but providing them with a human food source nearly always leads to problems for both the animals and the humans.  

Can you spot all the characters from the previous two books in the new story?  And can you find Rusty again?


Willy's third adventure!
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Book Reviews

Suzanne Younan’s picture books are very popular amongst our students and teachers at our school. Her stories and illustrations are based in Hong Kong, often delivering a powerful message, educating children about topics such as plastic pollution, human habits and how it impacts HK country parks, and dangers of feeding wild animals.   


In her third book, TGD and Rumbly Island, students will be pleasantly surprised that the narration is done by Willy, the Green Dragon, himself. A laugh out loud story, Suzanne has used lighthearted humour in connecting readers to a real life event of wild bulls invading a local supermarket as an example of the impact feeding wild animals. Kudos to Suzanne for her remarkable efforts in motivating young readers to take action in Hong Kong through her stories. 

Ms. Macy Lau,

Kowloon Junior School

Teacher Librarian

This series just gets better and better!

Utterly encouraging! How could anybody feed animals after reading this book, after hearing about the possible EXPLOSIONS!?

David, Age 9

I liked the book. The pictures are awesome. The best bit is all the farting in the mud pool.

You should always take your rubbish home or the animals will eat it and get sick.

James, Age 6

The story is funny. I’ve never seen any animals go to the supermarket.  There’s lots of farting! I loved it!


Will, Age 6

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