The Green Dragon is an old, wise character with many friends.  When his friends are hurt by the plastic pollution in the ocean he feels anger and despair.  A young boy comes to his rescue in more ways than one.


Read about Willy, the Green Dragon and his friends; Pearl, Myrtle and Eddie and how their stories inspire a little boy to take action.


The book is aimed at children of all ages. The beautiful illustrations will capture the youngest child’s imagination and the message easily understood.  The book has a brief educational section at the back that can assist parents, grandparents, babysitters or teachers to have a discussion to provoke action in the home, school or community in general.

Book Reviews

Dana Winograd, Plastic Free Seas

“A beautifully illustrated book that tells a heart-breaking story which affects us all: young and old, regardless of where we live. The Green Dragon is a fantastic tool for use in classrooms or at home and will be an asset to any library.”

Rebecca Rigden Green, Peak School Librarian

When Suzanne Younan visited our school we knew that she had passion and and a book that we related to, what we didn't realise was just how relevant and inspiring her visit would be.


The Green Dragon aligns perfectly with where our school's passion is, to care for our environment and change our behaviours to reduce plastic waste in our world. The book and it's illustrations clearly show how single use plastics that end up in the waters around Hong Kong are hurting and and damaging the indigenous wild life and environment.


We asked Suzanne to speak to our Year 6 students just before they embarked on their PYP exhibition - a Festival of Action. The direct message of her book was impacting on this, but more significantly she was able to share with them about how when you are passionate about something you can turn that into action to make a difference. Be it action through a book, a change to your personal behaviours and patterns or through raising awareness in your community. A message we all need to hear - so we invited her back to speak to the rest of the school too!

Eliza Man, Yr 2 Class Teacher, Nord Anglia Int. School

This is an important story, with endearing characters and a powerful message. As the book was set in Hong Kong, my students were instantly engaged as they could relate to the story. This enjoyable book can also be used as a teaching resource. In our class, we were able to link this with our learning to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and to our wider concerns about the environment. 


Suzanne also joined us on our school beach clean up, sharing her book and giving a very informative talk about alternatives to single use plastic. Thank you Suzanne for helping raise awareness of these problems and for encouraging future generations to take action. 


For any media inquiries, please contact Suzanne Younan:

Tel: +852 5181 1716

Address: 18th Floor, 80 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Draco Viridi is Latin for ‘Green Dragon’. The Green Dragon in Chinese culture symbolises potent and auspicious powers, particularly over water, rainfall, typhoons and floods.  The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength and good luck. Draco Viridi was born from the desire to protect nature.

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