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The Green Dragon is an old, wise character with many friends.  When his friends are hurt by the plastic pollution in the ocean he feels anger and despair.  A young boy comes to his rescue in more ways than one.


Read about Willy, the Green Dragon and his friends; Pearl, Myrtle and Eddie and how their stories inspire a little boy to take action.


The book is aimed at children of all ages. The beautiful illustrations will capture the youngest child’s imagination and the message easily understood.  The book has a brief educational section at the back that can assist parents, grandparents, babysitters or teachers to have a discussion to provoke action in the home, school or community in general.

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Book Reviews


Dana Winograd, Plastic Free Seas

“A beautifully illustrated book that tells a heart-breaking story which affects us all: young and old, regardless of where we live. The Green Dragon is a fantastic tool for use in classrooms or at home and will be an asset to any library.”

Peak School, English Schools Foundation

'When Suzanne Younan visited our school we knew that she had passion and and a book that we related to, what we didn't realise was just how relevant and inspiring her visit would be.'

Rebecca Rigden Green

Peak School Librarian


We recently invited Suzanne to our school, as part of a Y2 unit on Habitats. This is the third time that Suzanne has visited our school because the teachers requested another visit. She is organised and generous with her time. She was happy to sit and answer all the students' questions and she also gave up her time to help mentor a Y6 student, who was preparing for her PYP Exhibition, so much so that the student described Suzanne as her 'inspiration.'

Ms. C Beard.

Director of Learning,

International College HK

March 2023

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