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Please get in touch with Draco Viridi to organise a book reading and educational discussions with the author. A fun and impactful session can be tailor made to your classroom units of enquiry and the age of the students.

“A beautifully illustrated book that tells a heart-breaking story which affects us all: young and old, regardless of where we live. The Green Dragon is a fantastic tool for use in classrooms or at home and will be an asset to any library.”

School Reviews

French International School, Jardines Lookout

Suzanne Younan came to The French International school to talk about her fabulous books The Green Dragon and The Green Dragon and the ‘Oh No’ Bird.  She did much more than just an enthusiastic reading though, she also excited the children about how they can help care for our Earth and the ocean.  She told lots of fun stories about her dog on Hong Kong beaches that made the students listen, care and want to make a difference. She was an absolute hit and I recommend getting her into your school as soon as possible!


Shumaira Join

GSC English Teacher

Coordinatrice de l'anglais site de Jardine's Lookout

Coordinator for the English Department Jardine's Lookout

May 21

Kellett School, Pok Fulam

It was a pleasure to work with Suzanne. When working with her to plan sessions, she was extremely flexible and knowledge. She has a lovely style with the children and explains things at a level that all ages groups could understand. 


Her story has such a powerful message and covers such a relevant issue that affects all of us. Her book delivers this in an engaging way that the children can understand and relate to. 


The children thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Suzanne and learnt a lot from both her and her story.

Phoebe Short

English Curriculum Co-ordinator

May 21

Victoria Kindergarten, Causeway Bay

Our school enjoyed a wonderful visit from the author Suzanne Younan, who shared with us her book, The Green Dragon. It was a timely visit as we were just completing our unit on Sharing the Planet, which linked very nicely to the message of her story. The children were enthralled with the tale of Willy the Dragon and his friends.


Suzanne shared with us the inspiration behind her book, which the children found so interesting. The children were able to really relate to the story as it is set in Hong Kong and it’s so great to be able to make a connection to a book in this way!


If you have an opportunity to invite Suzanne to your school, her presentation has a very poignant message about single use plastic and how we can all do our part to take action. Following her visit, the children had discussions about how they could be Super heroes for the planet which shows the impact the story has made with them!


Jan Rossiter 

Head Teacher

April 21

When Suzanne Younan visited our school we knew that she had passion and and a book that we related to, what we didn't realise was just how relevant and inspiring her visit would be.

Rebecca Rigden Green

Peak School Librarian

This is an important story, with endearing characters and a powerful message. As the book was set in Hong Kong, my students were instantly engaged as they could relate to the story. This enjoyable book can also be used as a teaching resource. In our class, we were able to link this with our learning to the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development and to our wider concerns about the environment. 


Suzanne also joined us on our school beach clean up, sharing her book and giving a very informative talk about alternatives to single use plastic. Thank you Suzanne for helping raise awareness of these problems and for encouraging future generations to take action. 

Eliza Man

Yr 2 Class Teacher

Peak School, English Schools Foundation

Nord Anglia International School


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