Wander with Willy


'Wander with Willy' is a FREE activity hike pack for children.  Filled with beautifully designed activity sheets and games for children to enjoy and complete on their hike and to finish at home.

The hike follows the trail featured in 'The Green Dragon and the Oh No Bird' book along Lady Clementi Ride accessed from Nam Fung Road, Shouson Hill, to Aberdeen Country Park.

There are things to spot, things to gather, scenes from the 'The Green Dragon and the Oh No Bird' book to find, puzzles and more.  


Can you find where Herbert practises his ballet routines?

Can you spot Wendy the Wagtail in the water catchments?

The activity pack hopes to encourage families and young children to take a hike and connect with nature.  


It is well documented that walking in nature helps us to de-stress and relax. Spending more time in nature connects us to the trees, animals and insects.  There is beauty everywhere, you just have to take the time to look.

And lets not forget to enjoy nature responsibly!

How do I receive my activity pack?

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We will then send you your pack.  Next steps..... put on your hiking shoes and get ready for an adventure!

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