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A Song for Willy - a Music competition

Announcing the winners ....

Encouraging children to use their talents to make an impact or to make change is key.  Everyone has a strength... what is yours?  Writing a story, poetry, painting or drawing?

These talented young people are using music to spread a message.

Below are two of our fabulous winning songs.  Congratulations Shreya and Matthew!  Wow what talented children!


Winners age 5-8yrs.png
Winners age 9-12yrs.png

The Prizes:


Update: The radio interview with RTHK Radio 3 took place 31.3.21 with Noreen Mir on the 123 Show.  You can hear the full interview here!

They also receive a choice of one of 'The Green Dragon' books or a puzzle. 

Click here to see the winning entries!

A Song for Willy.png

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